Students in action

Morthland Sheep Dairy

Northland Sheep Dairy

SNES 1101 students visit Northland Sheep Dairy to learn about holistic and sustainable farming practices.


SNES Program Director of Undergraduate Studies:
Dr. Tim Fahey
Program Contact: Suzanne Wapner


The SNES curriculum is comprised of three areas of course development:

Intensive Foundation Courses in the basic sciences.
Environmental Core courses that cover earth, social and economic systems.
Focused concentration courses.

Download a pdf of SNES Course Requirements as of Fall 2014.

We recommend advisors and students follow these guidelines for AP credit.

** NOTE ** If a student chooses to repeat an introductory courses, they will forfeit their AP credit. You cannot receive credit twice for the same course.

For all courses except those listed, advisors and students should adhere to the guidelines provided by the University.


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